Educare means 'to bring up', 'to rise' and 'to nourish'. Each and every child has the innate powers. The innate powers of the child should be properly cared, given scope to develop. It should be located and proper education to be developed. His potentialities should be developed with proper care and nourishment.

We Conduct awareness programs in schools & colleges. The program, Stress Management helps by providing good coping strategies to help with exam anxiety. It would help maintain balance between good health and good grades.


- Health Services in remote rural areas and urban areas
- Health Camps for the elderly people
- Blood donation Camps
- We provide health checkups, health camps, dental camps, health awareness camps
- Distribute free medicine


We conduct Health awareness programme for students (Schools & Colleges).
For Students, it is the age of learning and it is the correct time they start developing practices and attitude towards health.

- School Health Programmes for children
- BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Program by trained physicians
- Importance of healthy diet and hygienic measures to prevent infections
- Promote better health
- Prevention of diseases
- Early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of defects
- Awakening health consciousness in students

Sports care

When involved in any kind of sports or fitness activity, be it cricket, basketball, tennis, football, etc. motivation is the key. Motivation plays a very important role, from making the child want to play the sport, start playing the sport, and continue the sport.

We initiative to encourage Students to get used to participation in Tournaments. It would enables the kids to overcome the nervousness of sports. Moreover the tournaments will make them a good exposure & would be more confident in today’s world.

We have also planned to conduct Tournaments in regular interval for all sports to students to give them the necessary exposure.

Environmental care

Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. We create mass awareness among students, general public and others about environmental problems and to take measures for environment protection by active involvement of Students and general public. Start composting and recycling, which will help cut down our waste production. Support local farmers by only buying organic food at markets. Make sure the food is pesticide free. This will help your community become self-reliant.

Social Activities

- Providing medical help to poor and needy people.
- We are planning Skill Development Training Center.
- Enhancing the skills and capabilities.
- Financing the productive projects.